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Extremely effective, Biodegradable, Water based.

Indoors: Dirty areas like floors, walls and roofs, kitchens, sanitary rooms/bathrooms and washrooms.

Outdoors: House walls, terraces, walkways, car, boat, bicycle, gardening tools etc.

The product is TKVDN registered (Norwegian).

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PowerPrep Cleaner & Degreaser

BarrierTech PowerPrep dissolves and removes dirt, stains and grease from most surfaces and materials, in- and outdoors. BarrierTech PowerPrep is not corrosive and does not attack common surfaces. The product is water based and contains no solvents. BarrierTech PowerPrep is well suited to clean and remove organic load prior to disinfection with BarrierTech Sanitiser.

Spray – 750ml (carton of 6). Refill – 5ltr (carton of 4).
PowerPrep can also be delivered bulk, and in concentrate for industrial users.

The product is TKVDN registered.

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PowerPrep - Spray

Instructions: Barrier Tech PowerPrep sprayed
directly on dirty surfaces. Let it act on the surface,
then rinse with clean water. Treatment is repeated at difficult areas. Alternatively one can use cloth or
brush before rinsing with clean water.

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PowerPrep - Concentrate

Mix 1:20 with water

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PowerPrep - Floor

Concentrate. Mix 1:25 with water

For use in floor washing machines. Low foaming.

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