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BarrierTech Antibacterial Hand Foam can be used on hands on a daily basis. It efficiently kills bacteria and inactivates virus.

Very sensitive, pH balanced and alcohol free. It is not hazardous to humans or animals, and is registered in the Norwegian Cosmetics Register, approved for use on skin.

The product offers a lasting protection against new bacteria- and virus attack (for instance the resistant “hospital bacteria” MRSA Staphylococcus Aureus, and H1N1 (causing “swine flu”).

The product is ideal for the modern traveler, and when visiting exhibitions and fairs.

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Antibacterial Hand Foam

BarrierTech Antibacterial Hand Foam can safely be used by health personnel, and by those working in kindergartens, care-taking homes, veterinaries, dentists, health studios, beauty parlors/SPA’s, hotels, cruise-liners, food and beverage processing plants etc.

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Hand Sanitiser wall-mounted with pump

BarrierTech Hand Sanitiser can be used on hands daily when needed. Efficiently kills bacteria and inactivates virus. The product offers lasting properties against bacteria- and virus attack.

(PS: This is the same product as the Antibacterial Hand Foam, but in a
standard hospital dispenser, 1 ltr bottle – there may be other types used in SA)

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