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BarrierTech Sanitiser RFU: Kills and gives an effective lasting protection against bacteria, virus, fungus, mold and algae. Contagious viruses will be inactivated by treatment.

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For disinfection of surfaces with lasting effect. Surfaces of wood, cement, concrete, glass, metal, plastics, laminated/painted, tiles etc. Suitable for bathrooms, washrooms, kitchens, basements, SPA, swimming pool area, by air conditioners etc.

The product is suitable for use in private homes, institutions, industrial kitchens, food processing areas etc; basically anywhere there is a need to fight and prevent pathogens like bacteria, virus, fungus, mold or algae.

Produktetet comes in 750ml spray and 5l cans, finished mixed. Sanitiser can also be supplied in bulk, as a concentrate for industrial use and other major consumers .

The product is TKVDN registered.

Instructions: Barrier Tech Sanitiser sprayed directly in areas that are prone to attack by bacteria, fungi, mold, algae or viruses. Allow the product to dry on the surface. 30 seconds duration. Rinse with clean water if necessary.

Pretreatment: All surfaces thoroughly cleaned. then applied Barrier Tech Sanitiser to prevent new attacks and give a long-term protection.

Sanitiser Wipes

Barrier Tech Sanitiser Wipes are ready for use and should not be diluted. Can be used on all surfaces that can withstand water. Wipe the surface thoroughly with the napkin to the whole area gets wet. Let it dry on the surface. When the package tightly closed it is durable for at least 3 months after opening.

Techno Wipes

Antibacterial wipes for electronic equipment. Kills and gives an efficient lasting protection against microbes. Contagious viruses on surfaces will be inactivated by treatment.

The wipes clean and disinfect a broad spectrum of microbials (including Clostrium Difficile and MRSA) from your mobile phone, PDA, keyboard, touchscreen, remote control and other technical equipment. Wipe the surface exposed to microbes twice a week.

TechnoWipes – 1 pack of 10 wipes (cartons of 35 packs).

NB: Some electronic equipment can be very sensitive to moist. Check the user’s manual from the supplier. The sanitizer liquid is not corrosive to surfaces and does not leave stains or blotches and will not cause color fading.

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…anywhere there is a need to fight and prevent pathogens like bacteria, virus, fungus, mold or algae.

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